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Mason, Lieut.-Col. James; Grier, Major E. Wyly

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Lieut.-Colonel James Mason: Canada contributing to the defence of the Empire as something that should be regarded not only as a duty but as a necessity; why that is so. The need for a large and efficient navy and army to protect and to defend the British Empire's possessions and trade. Some figures taken from recent returns to show to what extent the British taxpayer is burdened in order that this army and navy may be maintained. Canada's current monetary contribution. What gets done in Canada. What could happen in the event of a successful attack upon the Empire by a combination of Powers. Details of a plan suggested by the speaker with regard to what Canada can do in the way of a further contribution to the defence of the Empire. Four elements of the scheme. How this scheme would add or contribute to the defence of the Empire. Major E. Wyly Grier: Admitting the possibility of war. Canada possibly unable to maintain the position merely of an onlooker. The speaker's contention, looking at the condition of Europe today, of a war in which Canada would take a prominent or lesser part. Elements on unrest in Europe. Some comments on Colonel Mason's scheme. The strategic advantage in Canada's railways.