Vladimir Putin

Morison, Prof. J.L.

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The Indian question as the most important question before the British Empire today, and how that is so. India's contribution to the war. Seeing to it that we are not failing in generosity and gratitude to India. A review of the Indian problem and its history. Faults of the British Government used as grievances by the Indian politicians; one or two specific instances. Issues of Land Tax, education, and military expenditure. Outside events which further complicated the Indian situation, such as the appearance in 1904-05 of Japan as a primary power in the world. The resulting sense of Asiatic self-consciousness, acutely felt and still felt in India. Lord Curzon's vice royalty and the resulting unrest. A tremendous awakening of India that came with the War. Two ways open to Britain in India today; one leading to partition and separation, the other to mutual development. Support for Mr. Montague's reforms. The programme of possible constitutional development in India. The alternative. Faced with a determined challenge to the British experiment in India. India revolution and wild nationalism spreading like wildfire in India. The role of Mr. Gandhi in India. The speaker's view of Mr. Gandhi as a highly destructive political force. What Britain may do. Governing India so that they may ultimately govern themselves.

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