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Bryce, Right Honourable James

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Two ideas to present: the importance of prolonging and strengthening the bonds and ties which hold the different parts of the Empire together; the importance of the desire of the audience to show their willingness to take their part, their share in the duties and responsibilities of the Empire. How to accomplish this closer unity between us in Canada, those in New Zealand and at the Cape. Getting to know one another better, a much easier task since the advent of steam navigation, and due to improved telegraphic communication. A special word to the representatives of the press about their part in communications, to give quick, accurate, and full intelligence to each one of the component portions as to what is being done by the others. Understanding a country's politics only by living there. The importance of loyalty. What our Empire has stood for. Two ways in which Canada may serve the Empire: developing her internal communications; developing the districts that lie along the great transcontinental lines. Another feature in which all self-governing Dominions may share for the good of the Empire: asserting for themselves, in even a fuller measure, their privilege of entering into the Imperial Service. A suggestion that a greater number of Canadians should enter the Indian and Colonial Service, and that we should all take a lively interest in what goes on in the Crown Colonies, especially India. Ways in which India belongs to Canada just as much as it does to Great Britain. Some words and comments on the conquest of India.

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