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MacDonald, Donald

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Sharp differences of opinion and various forms of conflict seemingly the order of the day. The trade union movement's involvement in such areas of difference. A discussion of some of the matters that are of the greatest concern to the trade union movement at the moment. Hoping to explain the trade union movement's attitude on several matters that have become public issues. Widespread dissatisfaction on the part of a great many people. One chief cause of that being the failure to keep pace in human and social terms with the tremendous strides in scientific and technological advances. Trade unionists' concern with the welfare of people. A brief history, with figures, of the trade union movement. Bargaining as the area of sharpest conflict. Some negotiated results. Facts and figures about major settlements. Circumstances under which the process of negotiation and settlement breaks down. Popular instant solutions. Problems with compulsory arbitration. Opposition to compulsory arbitration. Regulations covering the actual bargaining process. Seeking methods to improve employee-employer relations. The issue of poverty. Minimum wages. Canada's record on public housing. The Canadian trade union movement as a social as well as an economic organization. Social expenditures. A comprehensive medical plan. Reassessing our values and putting into meaningful effect the humanitarian principles which we are so quick to voice but so nervous about acting on.