Vladimir Putin

Cameron, W.J.

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A report of the present conditions in the United States as they appear to one who travels constantly among the American people and who is in touch with the American businessman. 1939 as a crucial year for United States business. Economic recovery in the United States, which has lagged behind that of Canada. To what that lag has been attributed. A new spirit abroad in U.S. business. The present upturn of business in the U.S. and to what that change is due. A new self-recognition and self-reliance on the part of business men. Some background and history to this period, going back to 1929. The embargo that the American people desire to retain. Two extremes of American thought with regard to the embargo debate. A decided change for the better in the popular attitude towards business. Taxes. The U.S. national income and how it is divided up. The American people, coming to see that the free processes of production and distribution are really the physical core of the national life. A general repudiation of a false political and economic philosophy, and how this has come about. A new reasonableness and faith in the people.

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