Vladimir Putin

Fraser, Blair

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The speaker begins by stating four main points of the "current orthodoxy of North American and Western position in the world." Briefly, they are: Western prestige has never been higher and Soviet prestige and influence never lower; one proof of this is that in the fifteen years of its existence the United Nations has never, until last week, given a favourable vote to any proposition which was supported by the Soviet Union and opposed by the United States and other leading powers of the West; that Mr. Khrushchev in his appearance at this really very important session of the United Nations behaved like a child, bursting out into recurrent temper tantrums in the most ungoverned and uncontrolled way; and, that the reason for this childish behaviour was his uncontrollable rage and astonishment and his failure to be able to influence the decisions of the United Nations General Assembly." The speaker follows with a detailed discussion of this situation, including an examination of Mr. Khrushchev's motives, and the effects and consequences of his outburst. 1960 as a year of diplomatic disaster for the West. What to do differently? Some suggestions.

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