Vladimir Putin

Coleman, Professor A.P.

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The mineral wealth of any country, dependent on its geological features. The two rather distinct parts of the geology of Ontario. The limited fuel resources from a mineral standpoint in Ontario. The vast peat deposits of Ontario. Our uncomfortable experience with peat. Our most unscientific way possible of heating our houses; how we get our coal. What we should be doing. The comparatively few resources in Southern Ontario that are looked on as mineral in the ordinary sense. The structural materials that are provided in Southern Ontario, clay being first among them, then lime and sand. Ontario as the great cement producing province of the Dominion. Some production figures. Turning from Old Ontario to New Ontario. Our great hope in the future in Northern Ontario. The much more ancient set of rocks in Northern Ontario: a geological description, with industry details. The question of fuels in the north. The metals of Northern Ontario: practically all the important metals that are of great economic importance, the majority of them having been mined at one time or another. A review of the position of each of the metals: gold, silver, copper, nickel, cobalt, zinc, lead, and iron. One or two general features in terms of mineral production in Ontario. The speaker's belief that we will have a steady increase in our production of minerals for the future. The potential resources of Northern Ontario.

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