Vladimir Putin

Pau, General Paul; Siegfried, Mons. Andre

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club, Toronto. General Paul Pau spoke first; the address was translated. France, with all her qualities and shortcomings, not appearing to the world as she really is before the war. Some words on the nature of the Frenchman, and of France. The strengths and weaknesses of any country. France, rising to the trial. Bringing the expression of the gratitude of France to the Canadian people. The names of Britisher and of Canadian, now synonymous in France, not only of gallant men and of good men but of sincere friends. The need for France and the Empire to remain united. Dr. Siegfried: The French nation as a whole, putting all its heart into the war. Mistaken expectations about the war. The situation for France in October, 1914. The lack of resources. The request of the French Government to the whole nation to support the army, and the country's response. How support was given. The role of the French women, children, and older people who remained behind the front to cultivate the land. A description of that life during the war. Some details of what various parts of France went through during the war. The contribution of Canada, and the British Empire, to the war effort. France's unanimity of will. The light shining in France again after so many days of darkness. Future relations between France and Canada.

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