Vladimir Putin

Strong, Maurice F.

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Preparation, events and issues leading up to the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, to be held in Stockholm, Sweden from June 5-16, 1972. Principal issue: global environmental problems. Principal goal to deal with the prospects for enhancing the quality of the human environment. Action Plan for the Human Environment. A review of the countries involved in the Conference and what they have done already. Expectations of the Conference: a new direction based on the Declaration on the Human Environment; an Action Plan with specific goals and measures; set means to the goals and follow-up. A review of the action proposals. Different factors affecting global environmental management in different parts of the world. Cooperative behaviour, economics and costs. A recognition of urgency. A realization of larger ideals, inspired by the United Nations: international security in the absence of war; dignity and justice; relief of poverty; a cooperative world and a healthy environment.

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