Vladimir Putin

Fell, Anthony S.; Rosenberg, David A.; Nagy, Miklos, CFA

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Anthony S. Fell. Focus on two market segments: the outlook for commodity prices in general and secondly gold prices. Focus on the longer term - five years to a decade or more. Why a long view is essential in commodities. Some facts. A positive view based on several fundamentals - a brief discussion of each. The case for rising commodity prices over the coming decade. A rise in the price of gold and gold shares and why that would be so - a brief discussion of each contributing factor. David Rosenberg. The speaker's greatest regret and greatest achievement since he left Toronto for New York. A self-description. An optimistic forecast. Economies that should outperform this year. A big-picture top-down perspective for the economy. A scenario for the U.s. consumer. Japan's recovery. A country-by-country bean count to show the global GDP growth. A positive outlook for the Canadian dollar. Miklos Nagy. Hedge funds, their status over the past year and their prospects in Canada for 2006. A discussion of hedge funds, with facts and figures. Global hedge funds indices. The nature of hedge funds. A caution. The risk part of the equation. Hedge funds in Canada. An anticipated growing demand by Canadians and an increase in strong interest by foreign investors. The World Hedge Funds Summit. Benefits of hedge funds for Canadians investors.

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