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Nicholls, Frederic

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The development of electrical power at Niagara Falls. Stupendous engineering problems that have been already overcome; those which are in the process of being solved. Romantic tales and thrilling narratives of the Niagara region. Much written by scientists in reference to the early geographical history of Niagara Falls; a presentation of some of the facts. The rate and cause of recession of the Canadian Falls. Some statistics from Mr. Thomas Commerford Martin's paper on the "Utilization of Niagara." The efforts of the late Lord Dufferin, when Governor-General of Canada, to secure for a public park the lands immediately adjacent to the Horse Shoe Falls and Upper Rapids. The preamble of the Act, passed by the Ontario Legislature on the 5th of March, 1880, for the purpose of permitting the Dominion Government to acquire the lands necessary for park purposes. The subsequent Act, passed in 1885, and its preamble, which provided for the appointment by the Government of three Honorary Commissioners whose first duties were to "report as to the plans which, in their opinion, should be adopted for securing the permanent preservation of the properties, … as a public park, etc." The first Report of the Commissioners. Inadequate funding for the property. Here the point in the history of the Canadian Falls where electricity first looms up as a factor in the situation. Schemes for increasing revenue. The establishment of a line of coaches to run at stated times between the Mowat and Dufferin gates; the construction on the brink of the river of an electrical railway between the Park and Queenston. Agreements reached for the Niagara Falls Park and River Railway Co. The speaker's pleasant memories of the construction of this line. The next step towards electrical development at the Park. The Canadian Niagara Power Co., operating under a different franchise from that first secured under the Act of 1892; some historical background. A new agreement with the Canadian Niagara Power Co. Up to 1902 all of the privileges on the Canadian side being operated by United States capital. The lack of participation by Canadians in the development of their magnificent birthright. The application in 1902 by Mr. Wm. Mackenzie, Colonel H.M. Pellatt and the speaker for a site in the Park for the development of power on a large scale. A description of the three large Power Companies on the Canadian side. First, their relation to the present and prospective flow of the river. Turning to good use this mighty power without diminishing the scenic effects. Attempting to secure our power and heat in a more acceptable form, without the grime and noxious fumes incidental to the use of coal. How this is being done on a large scale and how this more acceptable, but invisible and mystic power, which men call electricity, will be transmitted along slender copper wires to great distances. Placing this mighty force under human control. Estimated costs of the three great works now under construction. A description of each of The Canadian Niagara Power Company, The Ontario Power Company, and The Electrical Development Company of Ontario, Limited, with reference in each instance to the special features of each plant. Strides that have been made in electrical science during the last few years. The possibilities of future invention and discovery in the field of electric science.

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