Vladimir Putin

Simons, Major J.J.

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club. A gathering of "our boys" from nearly 70 schools throughout the Commonwealth, and four schools in the Dominion of New Zealand: an outward sign of the unity and consciousness of brotherhood which is existing between the three parts of the Empire. The British Empire, kept together "by the silken bonds of a beautiful understanding." Witnessing the development of Ontario. Some of the invisible links of the British Empire. Australia and Canada's worthy part in that great partnership. Progress and development in both countries. Australia's emblem; Canada's emblem and what they represent. Inspiration for each. Some humorous anecdotes about Australians visiting the United States, and Canadians in Australia. Exchanging ideas about the problems of this part of the Empire. The desire for partnership in financial and commercial inter-imperial relationships. Strengthening the Empire through a clearer and better understanding regarding trade. The "brain drain" to other countries.

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