Vladimir Putin

Lincoln, Leroy A.

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Big government. The speaker's belief that the tendency for central government should not be encouraged. The Welfare State, and a discussion of what is meant by that. The speaker's belief in the school of thought which would limit the unwarranted expansion of governmental activity and would expand the sense of responsibility of the individual citizen, of local welfare organisations, and of private business in ways that are appropriate for the development of such services. The part that business can play. The business of life insurance. How life insurance is a welfare institution in that it enables people to make provision for their own welfare and that of their families. The corollary to life insurance: concern with sickness, accidents, and mortality. Public health basic in any consideration of public welfare. Disease and pestilence having no national considerations. Life expectancy and infant mortality in the United States and Canada now and 50 years ago. Some diseases which are now a thing of the past. The growth and improvement of public health activities. An example in Canada. What has been accomplished in the Province of Quebec. The significant economic and social benefits of the saving of lives. How the prevention of diseases and the reduction in mortality add materially to the great productive resources of the country. The effect which these developments have had on family life. The family more secure today than ever before. How communities have gained. Difficulties that confront older people. Various reasons that mean consideration will have to be given to the ways and means by which the proportion of the total population at the productive ages can be increased to meet the large burden of dependency. What employers are doing. Federal pension funds. Social security legislation. The co-operation of life insurance through all these phases of public health. Life insurance funds for medical research. The Life Insurance Research Fund in the United States and its activities. The expectation of further conquests in the field of health that may bring the expectation of life at birth to something like 75 years. Congratulations from the speaker to his Canadian friends on the remarkable development of the past few years here. An anecdote to illustrate the changing conditions. Optimism for the future of Canadian business.

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