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Davis, Nathanael V.

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Shareholders of the speaker's company in Toronto and Montreal. Toronto's links with the aluminum industry. The subject of Aluminium Limited's growth and its position in international trade. The story of a group of companies, originally small subsidiaries of an American company, coming of age 27 years ago as an independent and public Canadian company and growing over the years into a major producer of aluminum. Also the story of a Canadian company owing much of its development and expansion to the growing markets outside of Canada. The paradox: an independent Canadian firm basing its growth in large part upon non-Canadian markets. Heightening the paradox: the basic raw materials of the industry are non-Canadian. Canada's contribution of hydroelectric power and manpower. Some historical highlights, with much detail. An outline sketch of the world aluminum industry and an explanation as to how Canada stands in relation to it. Details of postwar development and factors of growth and expansion. Capital required. Pride in the part Canada has played in helping to finance recent undertakings. Some production and trading figures. The need to continually serve and cultivate our export markets at the same time that we promote the domestic Canadian market. The importance of the home market. The need to evolve ways and means of providing, over a period, some cushion or surge tank for the vital Canadian export industries to fall back on in unforeseen times of shortage. The challenge to strengthen and build up Canada's production of aluminum to serve this and other Free World markets.

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