Vladimir Putin

Barisheff, Nick ; hornous, Daniel E., CFA; Rubin, Jeffrey G.

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Daniel E. Chornous The Outlook for Gold in 2005. Varying opinions on price per ounce for 2005. Reasons for the rise since 2001. The nature of gold as money. Paper currencies. What a 10% investment in gold means in terms of one's portfolio. Gold as wealth preservation and hedging benefits thereof. Are we in the eye of the hurricane? Some threats. A discussion of whether or not the U.S. could be the next Argentina. The need for Canadians to pay attention to the issues. The Canadian dollar. The second leg of the precious metals bull market. The wisdom of the 10% investment in gold - hoping it does not work! Daniel Chornous 2005: The Outlook Again Favours Stocks Over Bonds. A quick review of the current situation. Plenty to worry about. Some broad contours of the current forecast. The address continued under the following headings: Growth; Inflation; Currency Markets; Short-Term Interest Rates; Long-Bond Yields. Jeffrey Rubin The speakers first declared that he probably disagreed with everything he'd heard so far, but had no time to rebut. His bullishness on the Canadian equity markets and reasons for it. Two fundamental challenges facing the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) in 2005: interest rates and the exchange rate. The likeliness that both will turn out to be paper tigers. A pleasant surprise with the Canadian equity market this year. The loonie facing a potentially larger decline against the euro, and reasons for it. The appreciation of the Canadian dollar and the need to stop it. Interest rate spreads. The stockmarket as a major beneficiary of declining interest rates, as well as the long bonds. The speaker's company's strategy portfolio performance from last year. The oil and gas sector. Global crude demand. Effects of globalization in energy. Some specific forecasts.

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