Vladimir Putin

Thornbrough, Albert A.

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The Inner Six and The Outer Seven trading blocs of Western Europe. The necessity for Canadian firms to deal internationally. The great attention currently on trading, particularly by the Western nations of Europe, members of the Commonwealth, and by the United States as part of the continuation of post-war adjustment of the nations of the world. New patterns and forces emerging. Factors which enter into world trading, each with some discussion: The economic recovery of Western Europe; Increasing attention by Russia and its satellites toward achieving political aims by economic means; The population explosion; The surging Nationalism of Africa; Decline in the ability of the United States to maintain adverse balance of payments. A discussion, under the following headings, of trading systems or areas in which Canada is involved: That of North America; That of the Commonwealth; That of the "Outer Seven" and the "Inner Six." Political and economic threats of the communist nations. Free trading in the free world required to promote the further prosperity of the industrial nations of the free world. Generating the ability to invest in the underdeveloped countries. The institutions of the free world on test with half of the world's people. Some comments from the viewpoint of Massey-Ferguson; as a large employer in North America, in "The Outer Seven," in "The Six" and in the Commonwealth.

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