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Chretien, The Honourable Jean

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An address four months after the Government announcement of proposals for a new Indian policy. Continuing discussion and debate. Speculation about the possible impact of the proposals and the direction in which they point. Details of the proposal. Mixed reaction of Indian spokesmen to the proposals. Distrust of government and misunderstanding as to what the proposals mean. The basis for the Government's policy. Striving for a non-discriminatory society. The "wrongness" of having a Department of Indian Affairs. Problems with the Indian Act. The lack of control by the Indian people of their land. Difficulties of being a trustee. The lack of need for the present Indian Act. The present system as a hindrance to development and frustration for the initiatives of many Indian bands. Canada with an apartheid policy. A part to be played by all Canadians: industry, business, government. Becoming a non-discriminatory society.

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