Vladimir Putin

Cockshutt, W.F.

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Canada's position in the Empire in trade, defence and citizenship. The hope of many Canadians for Preferential Trade, and what the City of Toronto has done to further this idea. Toronto as the centre of these great Imperial questions. Ways in which Preferential Trade has been tried in Canada to a certain extent, but not the trial many think it should have received. The need to sit down with the good old Mother Country and the various component parts of the British Empire and see how and where we can help each other. Some trade figures, especially with regard to tariffs and preferential tariffs. Canada's contribution through preferential tariffs. Mr. Chamberlain's idea of a return Preference. An illustration of what a real preference might do; reference to the British West Indies. The question of Defence. The position Canada at present holds. The speaker's point of view with regard to this issue. Losing the last vestige of British troops in Canada; the speaker's belief that this is a mistake. Ties that bind us to the Mother Country today. The speaker's suggestions as to what Canada should contribute and how she should benefit. The undesirability of talking about independence when we are not ready to subscribe to the support of the British army or British navy. The need to rectify the matter of the naturalization of aliens. The inability of any of the Colonies today to make a citizen out of an alien that is any good beyond the confines of its own territory. The seriousness of this issue.

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