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Lothian, The Marquess of

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The new Indian Constitution. The political adventure upon which Great Britain is engaged in India today. Advances toward self government by India. Far-reaching results of this experiment. The extent and nature of the problem. India's population and two natural divisions: British India and Indian India which is governed by about 125 hereditary Indian princes. Two other smaller divisions. 25 main languages, each with about one million speakers. The correspondence between these languages and racial divisions. The communal or religious division, primarily between the Hindus and the Moslems. Other minor religions. Communal divisions in other countries, including Canada. British rule in India for the last 150 years. Improvements to India under British rule. The British nature of education in India; the inevitable result of a move towards self government. The Nationalist movement in India. A new Constitution in 1919 and divided acceptance. Moslem-Hindu conflicts in the Indian National Conference. Deliberations over the last 4-5 years by the Indian Statutory Commission, or the Simon Commission, headed by Sir John Simon. Recommendations of this Commission and responses to it. Protests by the India National Congress. Mr. Gandhi's proclamation of independence and his famous march to make salt in defiance of the salt laws, subsequent arrest and fast. The Round Table Conference shortly after the Ghandi incident. The Indian princes' readiness to form part of an All Indian Federation. The complex nature of the problem. Two schools of opinion in England. Reasons for moving forward. Implications of running an autocratic government today. Proceeding along the lines laid down by the Indian National Congress. Balancing Indian India with Britain's democratic methods; giving real responsibility for their own affairs to the vote of Indian opinion. Great Britain retaining in its hands safeguards which would only be called into effect should India produce legislatures incapable of administering stable government. Bringing into being a system of federal parliamentary government for 350 million people, divided as the Indians are divided. The speaker's belief that there is no other way but to move forward.

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