Vladimir Putin

Snyder, Frederick Merle

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Some observations by the speaker about what he sees happening in Germany today. Some of the things that have caused momentous happenings in Germany. First, paying respect to the men who have made it possible for a republic to be in Germany. The youth of Germany, resolved to maintain a republic, to set up a democracy, and work their way out of a policy of revenge. The Dawes reparation plan which must be taken up heartily by the young men who will soon be voting in Germany. The opportunity in Germany to make a world wide social experiment. The disarmed Germany. The bootlegging of guns and equipment by the old militaristic crowd. Proving that Germany can endure economically and politically without the aid of any army and navy of war proportions. Being a patriot in Germany and what that means today. The great power of the labor groups of Germany. Support from Dr. Marx. The exception of the communists' groups. The organization of military units by the communists. The communists on one hand, the monarchists and militarists on the other, and the great host of level headed people in between. The Dawes report as a doorway to peace. How the speaker was received in Germany; being protected by a group known as the Reichs Banner Society. Some words about this Society, which came into being to give police protection to the meetings promoting republican politics. Support for Hindenburg. The speaker's attempt to understand actual social conditions by living in humble homes. The speaker's experience in the richer homes. The new constitution. The teaching o peace in the public schools as a great ethical doctrine. Germany's progress in the re-establishment of trade. Ways in which Germany has profited from their poverty. The need in America, Canada and Great Britain to meet the tenacity of the German populace. Predictions for the Dawes report. Helping the right-minded people in Germany; encouraging the forces in France to accept this spirit.

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