Vladimir Putin

Greenspon, Edward; Burman, Tony; Hurst, Robert

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The luncheon was emceed by Ken Shaw. Edward Greenspon: The key function of any editor. Selection. Preparation. News that sneaks up on you. Things that aren't in the plan. Two basic questions to ask oneself with regard to front-page selection. Captivated by the drama in Ottawa. Front pages. Values as part of the prism through which news judgments are made. Robert Hurst: Bias in the news. The flip question: "Who really influences th enews and what are the largest influences on the news?" And a discussion of the question - "Are they relaly media biases or are they external factors?" Politics and politicians and how they influence they try to influence the news. An illustrative example. Tony Burman: Ethical issues that journalists face. The assessment of the speaker's profession by Canadians and others. Controversies that have really defined the journalistic debate. The credibility of the public broadcaster. Ken Shaw then introduced a question-and-answer period.