Vladimir Putin

Dunton, A. Davidson

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What people say about television. Strong personal views of television. Talking about television in terms of what it will mean "to all of us in this room, as Canadians: in fact, what it will mean, should or could mean, to all Canadians, every place." The things that the speaker thinks we all should be thinking about in relation to television, no matter what particular personal views may be held at the moment. Dropping the idea that television is not important. Television as a very effective means of communication. The impression and effect of television, especially on children. The certain increase in the number of television sets in Canadian homes. Taking careful thought about the development of things that affect Canadians' minds and their growth. Taking practical concrete decisions to see that our national life develops, as has been done in the past. The need to ensure this by spending money; some examples of what we have done. Economic factors of television and how they work. Looking at the costs of distribution. The importance of thinking of these practical things in a cool, calculating way if Canada is determined to keep the country going ahead under its own steam as a real national entity. Keeping in mind that Canada does not have many means of national communication. Taking some steps to see that there are other means of paying for and supporting Canadian television and for the production of Canadian television programmes and distribution of them around the country, by means apart from those of ordinary commercial operations. The solution that has been found in sound broadcasting, and that is being applied in television broadcasting, of the setting up of a publicly-owned system. The device by which the people of Canada who benefit pay in another way, or pay a supplementary amount, to ensure that the system has the possibility of Canadian production, and distribution. This one of the roles of the CBC in sound broadcasting. The CBC commissioned to start the Canadian television system. What has been done, and how it has been paid for. Who runs the CBC, operating under an Act. Canadian television now 3-1/2 weeks old. The kind of operation that is television. Where to go from here. The establishment of stations. Looking farther ahead to a vision of television in Canada serving a large majority of Canadians, with the number not served diminishing continually. Canadian television bringing in entertainment, sport, etc., but also things of deeper values, some knowledge and information that helps Canadians in one part of the country to understand Canadians in other parts of the country; a service that brings things of spiritual value as well as entertainment value, and the sort of thing that will help young Canadians to have wider understanding. A service operated under the principles of freedom under which we live in Canada, with a good choice of material of all kinds and different values.

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