Vladimir Putin

King-Hall, Commander Stephen

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The question "Am I my brother's keeper?" as a political and economic fact, not solely a moral issue. Some words on war and peace. The costs of war. The effort we are prepared to put forth for peace. The lack of progress made on the front of poverty. Conditions of economic progress. Some facts and figures with regard to this issue. The nature of the problem that lies before us. The mood of Britain strong and determined. A quiet optimism for the future in Britain. The speaker's belief that in the decades to come, it will be the role of the British to show by example how the economic advantages of private enterprise and the political and social requirements of public control can be welded into an harmonious whole. Ways and means of creating wealth in Britain in the postwar period. The three great powers that will have the strength to keep order and to rebuild the world when the war is over: the United States, the Commonwealth, and Russia. The political importance of Canada in the post-war world. The speaker offers up 22 questions for self-examination.

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