Vladimir Putin

Peterson, The Hon. David

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A meeting held jointly by The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. An analogy of Canada to a layer cake, building to add richness, flavour, and spice. Taking all Canada has to offer by cutting the cake vertically, taken in large bites as each layer contributes to the taste; just as each community is clear, definable and visible, but still an integral part of the whole of Canada. How Confederation has served Ontario well, and Ontario has served Confederation well. Assessing the Premier's Conference of the previous month, preparing for the First Ministers' Conference in November. A consideration of recent proposals to change our trade relationship with the United States. A consideration of the report of the Royal Commission headed by Donald Macdonald. Impacts of a changed trade relationship with the U.S. on regional development, small and medium-sized business, high-tech industries, traditional sectors and the communities that depend upon them, branch plants, and one-industry towns. Shared concerns with other provinces. Concerns and problems with free trade. Some background to the debate with regard to free trade. The assumptions about free trade. The risks of free trade. A seven-point agenda to narrow Canada's risks and broaden our prospects in talks with the Americans. The need to inform Canadians about the issues and offer an opportunity for dialogue with them at every stage of discussion and negotiation. Securing the kind of future we want.

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