Vladimir Putin

Bishop, Major

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The speaker's own experiences to show more or less what men in war go through. The life of the trenches. The life of a soldier when not on duty. Trying, when on the ground, to forget the work that has to be carried out in the air. The life of a fighting squadron planned by the squadron commander, with that end in view. Sport of various kinds on all days. At times of fighting, a pilot has two or three jobs a day; leaving the ground in formation with five or six others; going out on a definite job of fighting, that is, to seek out and destroy the enemy, staying out for two hours, coming back, and then later in the day repeating this operation. How the pilots themselves describe and think of their "job." The actual fighting in the air, and what has brought the most success. A description of what it is like to sit in a single-setae machine, shooting and fighting. Fighting in a two-seater machine and how it differs from a single-setae. Ways of attacking. Descriptions of a number of different operations. The speaker intersperses these descriptions with many personal anecdotes. Attacking hostile balloons. The return trips. Attacking infantry on the ground and why that is a little more dangerous. A word of how things are in general. Not underrating the enemy. The German realization of the importance of the programme the United States was planning for the air. Germany's tremendous rate of expansion with regard to air fighting. France having reached its limit. The programmed planned by the U.S.; Germany's preparation for it. The fact that the U.S. will not have anything like the programme they had planned, with some numbers. The need this coming spring to fight our hardest, as we have never fought before. Major Bishop ends with an anecdote of one pilot's bravery and sacrifice.

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