Vladimir Putin

Falconer, Sir Robert A.

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The speaker's observations from his trip to Britain during the past summer. The "smokelessness" of England to be found last June. The sad aspect that this was partly due to the coal strike. The lack of complaining heard. Much of England like a very strong man--silent, bearing a burden, but in process of adjusting that burden to his shoulders. An impression of resolution. Economic problems not the most distressing. The human problems the worst: Ireland, the attitude of labour, the terrible losses that have come through the war, the bright young men who will never come back. Relations between the British Empire and other lands. Looking to England as the one who seems to be in the position of a judge and an arbitrator between the warring foes. The burden of Ina. The situation in Ireland, and between Ireland and England. The issue of education in England. Now the time for Britain to come forward and take the intellectual leadership of the world. Stocktaking at the Congress of the Universities held in Oxford last July. The emphasis upon research in Britain. Differences between the English, German, and French education. Britain relying on individual genius, and the right of the individual scholar or scientist to pursue his own way. Positive qualities still obvious in English education. Some underlying characteristics of the English people, with an anecdotal illustration. Education opportunities provided through scholarships, lacking in Canada. The movement of idealism, a movement to educate the worker. The Workers' Education Association in Britain having reached very large proportions. Achievements of the Association. Standards of health in England. Economic problems. Issues of competition and markets. Overpopulation in England. Possibilities for emigration to Canada. The speaker's conviction that England will face her problems as never before. Belief in her ingenuity.

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