Vladimir Putin

Swanson, Prof. W.W.

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A discussion of the question of the Imperial Conference in relation to the economic problems of Canada. Attempting to define what is the economic problem facing our country today. Proof of the fact that the problem is not one of production, with accompanying figures of the total gross production of chief activities in Canada. Interpreting production in terms of national prosperity, and what that entails. The tendency to a shrinking in both the volume and the price of our products which the markets of the world can absorb. Using wheat to illustrate the problem. Explaining the present low price of wheat and its present slow movement to market. The temporary nature of these conditions. The financial depression that affects more than wheat. How the surplus wheat problem may be solved. An examination of where we sell our wheat. The need to find some method of inducing the buyers of wheat in Great Britain to return to their customary preference for Canadian wheat, and take precautions to see that this preference is never lost again. The Imperial Conference in London some weeks ago, and a consideration of the atmosphere in which the Conference assembled. How the very courage of the British people is today perhaps their greatest danger. The offer from the Right Honourable R.B. Bennett. Of what that offer consisted, and what it meant. The mere detail of a slight increase in tariff preference capable of producing impressive results. The speaker's belief in and support for an application of a small tariff preference in favour of Empire wheat and what he feels it would accomplish.

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