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Murray, Major Gladstone

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A stage in the war when the future must be considered. Justification now for certain conclusions; the victory of the United Nations assured; the collapse of Germany; the reduction of Japan; afterwards, a period of uncertainty. A discussion proceeds under the following headings: The German Problem; Hitler; Episode Two; Dodging Defeat; The Weapon of Revolution; The Communists; The Empire After the War; Canada's Population; English-Speaking and French-Speaking; Towards Better Conditions; The Way of Freedom; The Wrong Way; The Bulwark of the Future. Many subjects are addressed during this discussion, including the following. Understanding the German problem, and why complete victory in the war, accompanied by the unconditional surrender of the enemy will not in itself solve the chief problem of the century. The conspiracy for world domination. How the Grand Alliance of victory fell to pieces following the first World War. Sabotaging the League of Nations. The German General Staff moving ahead, defining the years after 1918 as the "period of suspended hostilities." Hitler as part of the Master Plan. Foiling the first attempts of Episode Two, or World War II. Mistakes made by the Germans. Underestimating the British Empire. The reluctant tribute to Canadian arms in the reports of the German General Staff. The German General Staff acknowledging the end of Episode Two, and planning Episode Three. Encouraging dissension and revolution in the United Nations. Russia's changing alliance; abandoning the Communists. The German General Staff now concentrating on weakening, and if possible breaking up, the British Empire. An alliance of the big three--United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom--still to be made for the postwar world. The questions as to whether or not the British Commonwealth and Empire will become still more closely knit together. Canada, emerging as a strong world power, a factor in this strengthening of Empire. Canada's internal problems. The need in Canada for a bold immigration policy. Relations between French and English Canadians. Bettering conditions after the war. Ways and means of bettering conditions. Evolving and reforming on the basis of enlightened citizenship; building on the best of the past shaped to new needs and new ideals. Canada's internal problems and external relations.

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