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Lloyd, G.A.; Ormsby-Gore, Hon. W.A.

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Mr. George A. Lloyd: India's population. The feeling at home that India does not amount to much in the affairs of the Empire--"ought we not to throw her aside?" not a general feeling and one to be "nipped in the very bud." The speaker's belief, with Lord Curzon, that India is the only really imperial part of the British Empire. How India is held. Pushing forward civilization in India. Ways in which India is different from every other part of the Empire. India under British rule. Strategic points held for the sake of India. An argument in favour of maintaining India. What British rule has done for India. The spirit in which the great work should be carried on in our India Empire. The Hon. W.A. Ormsby-Gore: Urging the establishment of a tariff in the British Isles, and reasons for it. The first step in the establishment of a policy of Imperial reciprocity throughout the world, involving the taxation of food products. The speaker's belief that we would have carried the protective tariff if confined to manufactured goods. Coming to Canada a staunch Imperialist; going back a more staunch one still. Both Liberals and Conservatives in Britain today Imperialists and opposed to the policy of drift. The Tariff Reformers in the Old Country confident of success at the next election. The speaker's personal attachment to the Imperialistic principles. Progress towards Free Trade. Two factors or keys for change in England: a clear majority in London, and a win in Lancashire. A words as regard Canada. Imperial Preference and Mr. Chamberlain's policy. Benefits to Canada of Imperial Preference. Benefits for the British Isles from Canadian Preference. Urging the audience to speak out in favour of that which will be of inestimable value to the Empire.

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