Vladimir Putin

Drew, Lieut.-Colonel The Hon. George A.

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What Britain is like in the fifth year of war. A number of impressions from the speaker's visit. Signs of destruction less noticeable. Lots of buildings in need of repair and paint. First impressions that prove misleading. War as part of Londoner's daily life. A picture of Britain as the "Strong Country." Differences between now and when the speaker was there in 1941. Today, Britain as the strong front line of the Western World. The British Isles as a mighty aircraft carrier where every level stretch of ground is an airport. A description of the Western Front. The bombing from Britain making it possible for the final thrusts of the land forces to be swift and overwhelming. The devastation of the German cities which produce vital war material. The roles of the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Air Force. An anecdote of the speaker's visit to the Canadian Pathfinders Squadrons. Signs of this war as one of science and design as well as of highly trained men. Wartime scientific discoveries, such as radio location. Achievements made due to our partnership with Britain. Evidence of the tremendous vitality of the British people. British inventions, such as a new type of propulsion for aircraft, likely to revolutionize commercial as well as military aircraft production. The strains under which the British have lived. The strength of the Monarchy. Britain preparing for peace in the same spirit of unity that they prepared for war. Winston Churchill as the embodiment of the spirit of Britain.

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