Vladimir Putin

Bready, Dr. J. Wesley

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The world's arch-tragedy today. Germany and her vassal states, Russia, Italy and Japan flattened under the steam roller of a system of military dictation. Free people today the world over looking increasingly to Britain for guidance, leadership and defence. The forces of liberty and conscience assembling beneath Britain's banner and behind her shield. Being both frank and fair in an examination of Britain's record. Three eras in modern British history: the era of moral and spiritual eclipse; the era of moral and spiritual rebirth; the era of epic reform. A review of each era, with a discussion of the third utterly essential to any understanding of the heritage of conscience, vision and achievement which the British Empire at this moment is guarding and defending for all liberty-loving peoples the world over. The Christian nature of the British Empire since the time of Wesley which produced the "Pax Britannica," the most truly creative century, perhaps, in the history of civilization. The "Pax Britannica" as an age of peace because it was an age of hope, of vision and of faith. Tragedy with us today, but this war calling us afresh to guard our spiritual treasure and to recapture and enlarge the faith and the vision that inspired the mighty "Pax Britannica" and made the British Empire a blessing to the whole wide world.