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Reid, Right Honourable Sir George H.

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Australia and Canada, together representing seven millions of square miles of British territory, 7/12 of the whole area of the British Empire. A glance backwards to say a word or two about the early relations between Great Britain and Australia, from 1788. The gift of self-government to the people of Australia in 1855. As each chain dropped off, as each tie with the British Empire disappeared, the warmth of loyal and affection marvellously increased. A true conception of the benefits of the British connection. The sentiment of gratitude for the majestic power which has watched over the growth of Australia. The unchallangeable supremacy upon the oceans of the world that the British fleets asserted ten years ago. Changes over the last ten years. Navies of great strength and efficiency, tested by the highest standards, rising upon the face of the waters. The German people. The speaker's admiration for the German people, and his hope and belief that the peace-loving millions of Germany exceed in number, if not in official rank, the war-loving people of Germany. Remembering the three great ideals of every high-spirited race: the ideal of preserving against all comers our racial integrity; that of defending our territorial boundaries against all invasions; the task of developing in an ever-increasing measure national health, wealth, strength, and greatness. Peace as another ideal. The need to fight for peace, for our own, for the peace of the world, and to show that the Flag which stands for peace and righteousness and human friendship all over the world is the flag of an Empire which is prepared, if some difficulty causes some great nation to cross our track, to emulate the deeds of our noble ancestors. The flag of the British Empire and what it stands for. Fighting for the British Empire, to which we belong. Justification for standing by the Empire as an act of the plainest self-interest and advantage. Who should stand by the British flag. What would happen if the fleets of England disappeared from the earth. The preparations of the British Empire for defence. How much Canada, and Australia, owed to the markets of England and Scotland. Belief in an Empire trade mark. How long it takes to build a battleship. The need for the order of several battleships. Urging Canada to act with a spirit worthy of their own high character. Some words and reference to Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Mr. Borden. Remembering what the British Empire is.

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