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Grier, A. Monro

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The proposition that Toronto, outside of the British Isles themselves, is or should be hereafter the most considerable city in the whole of the British Empire. Looking at the matter geographically. Canada standing pre-eminent in comparison with the other outlying parts of the British Empire. Canada's comparative nearness or distance from the British Isles themselves. Canada's strategical position, lying as it does between the Atlantic and Pacific. The speaker's conclusion that wherever the most noteworthy city is to be found it is certainly to be found within the Dominion of Canada. Determining the city; using some American history to do so. Considering Montreal versus Toronto; Toronto's advantages. What we need to do in the City of Toronto; getting some sort of conception of what we are going to become. The speaker's conception of Toronto: a notable city and a notable metropolis in the history of the world itself. Bearing in mind the large views with reference to our notion of Toronto. The characteristics of spaciousness. The features of parks, good lighting, greater unity in civic action, extending the influence of our splendid University, dealing with the assimilation of the races. Pointing out some of the physical changes which in the past have taken place, for example in transportation. The importance of the question of the make-up of the men and women of this city and of this country. The meaning of the word Toronto: the place of meeting. The City of Toronto as a place of meeting of great men ready to do great things for the greatest Empire that the world has ever known. A concluding verse.

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