Vladimir Putin

Milligan, Rev. Dr. G.M.

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Imperialism and the balance of power. What is meant by the balance of power. The history of the concept of the balance of power. The instinct of man at first left to himself of isolation. Complexity as a mark of excellence, whether in the realm of Nature or in the realm of humanity. Seeking the cause, the great universal principle. Seeking in a true association among men broad, essential, intrinsically natural lines. Two kinds of combination: that of organization, and that which consists in an organism. Certain things for us to do: working for the unification of our great Empire. How to go about it. The issue of emigration. Being careful in respect to those we bring into our country. The development of the Empire. How to develop it. British statesmen and their difficult task. The speaker's belief in keeping the British Empire in closest unity in all its parts. Having information about Australia, South Africa, New Zealand. Cultivating that family feeling that ought to exist and doing all we can in every way. Training our children in British history and trying to inoculate them with the genius of British emancipation and liberty.