Vladimir Putin

Wilkinson, Rt. Rev. C.R.H.

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India as the leading nation of the Orient. The dependency of other eastern countries upon the leadership of India. A new era for India since independence in 1947. A new sense of dignity and national pride in the people of India, as a result of independence. The earnest desire on the part of the people of India to make their contribution to the welfare of the country and to the welfare of the world. Indications of this. Paying tribute to the rule of the British in India. Some of the problems facing the government of India today, foremost among them the question of food supplies. Some statistics. Meeting the food shortage. The question of trade and industry. The hope that surveys to take place in the Himalayan Mountains will reveal natural resources not yet known. The cities of India. Sending young men abroad for training, under the Colombo Plan. The problems of the resettlement of refugees. The role of the Church in the resettlement. Health and medical care. Making strides in preventive medicine. The rehabilitation of Indian soldiers. Help that can be given to the village people of India. Education. Agriculture. Communications. Difficulties caused by the 222 different vernaculars and 24 main languages. Developments in Art and Drama. The joy that can come from sharing with others and above all, sharing the Gospel of Christ. Values in the modern world. Taking part in the great Christian crusade.

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