Vladimir Putin

Laffer, H.E.; Hyland, A.E.

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Toronto Board of Trade. Mr. A.E. Hyland: Canada's pioneering work in Empire preference and the development of Empire trade. Australia's putting into place the principles that Canada initiated. An appreciation of the assistance and interest shown by Canadian businessmen. Developing something which in the long run will be like a good investment that will one day yield a far greater return than the amount of money put into it. Opening the door to a new era in business. The Canadian-Australian Trade Treaty. The link in the Empire of institutions, and a readiness to stand by each other in time of trouble. The wide knowledge of Canada in Australia. The speaker's personal travel experiences in Canada. An invitation to visit Australia. Effects of the depression in Australia. A brief history of the development of Australia and some current figures. An offer of greetings and good wishes from the people of Australia. Mr. H.E. Laffer: Paving the way; showing other portions of the Empire the necessity for us to trade with one another as a family. What the Treaty means to Canada, Australia, and the rest of the Empire. Some import and export figures for Australia. The Australian products with which the delegation hopes to supply Canada. A declaration that under the terms of the Treaty there is no question of Australia competing with any established Canadian industry. Australia's wine industry. Fruit production. Looking forward to the time when there will be a procession of "Canadian Constructors" coming up the river bringing Australian goods, and going out with Canadian goods.

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