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The Canada-U.S. Automotive Products Agreement: some history of the agreement and the position of the membership of the union. Results of a Royal Commission chaired by Prof. Vincent Bladen of the University of Toronto which investigated the feasibility of integrating the Canadian and U.S. automobile industry in order to be able to compete with European imports. Recommendations, and rationale for those recommendations, of the Commission. Dealing with employee dislocation and the lack of alternative employment for displaced workers. Attempts to speak to government. A look at the facts upon which the union bases its demands for wage parity. A plea for the Government of Canada or the auto companies, "for their own benefit and for the benefit of the Canadian consumer, put tables before the Canadian public indicating the differences between the price of the same care and the same equipment in the United States and Canada and the application of the taxes in both countries and give the consumer an idea of the difference." The Canada-U.S. Automotive Products Agreement providing benefits to Canada (the Government of Canada) and to the auto maker, but not the worker. A plea to consumers to help workers in their fight "to get what is justly coming to the auto workers whether it be in the matter of wages or in the matter of preventing dislocation."

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