Vladimir Putin

Gordon, Rev. Major C.W.

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A consideration of whether the time has come when we might suggest a pause for a conference, or whether we must abandon all ideas of conference or suggestions of peace, and give ourselves heart and soul and body to a more vigorous and more relentless prosecution of the war. "Shall we quit?" as a perfectly reasonable question for all loyal sons of the Empire to ask. A considered response. Looking at the question from the point of view of the man who is doing the fighting. A conclusion: "until the war is stopped by authority, let no Canadian talk about quitting." Our newspapers filled these days with suggestions that have come across the line from the President of the United States: an examination and review of these suggestions. The issue of "A peace without victory." Regarding the great, outstanding, stupendous fact of the injuries done to unoffending small nations, such as Belgium. The need for reparation before we can even think about peace. A quote from Dr. Walter Rathenau, head of the Department created for the purpose of mobilizing all the industries of Germany. Reasons why it is impossible for us to accept the suggestions recently made by the President of the U.S. German dreams of a second war. What we are to do if we can't make peace. Consequences of an inconclusive peace. If we cannot talk peace or war, then we must make war. What the soldiers and the Canadian people want. The need for a united, steady, resolute leadership, with all parties represented in that leadership.

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