Vladimir Putin

Bishop of The Anglican Church of Canada

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Pondering Canada's soul. What makes this topic both "incredibly trendy and forbidden." The question and topic of Canada: "a nation in search of her soul, from the perspective of three words. … definition, discipline and self sacrifice." A discussion of each of these words. Speaking from the perspective of a Christian. The phrase "God keep our land." in the Canadian national anthem and that means. The definition of faith and religious freedom. Recommending the much-maligned word "discipline." The call to sacrifice, self-sacrifice. The cross of Jesus Christ as absolutely central to the Christian Gospel. The care of neighbour as important to Christians. Three words, three concepts, one country. Other religions in Canada. No faith or religion in Canada being well served by "a pretence of the lowest common denominator within religion." A call for a public recognition of the sacred dimension in our corporate life as threatening to Canadians who are very private people. The belief that it can also be liberating. Sharing a dimension of our common life as Canadians. Motivation and modelling as a moral vision. Definition, discipline and self-sacrifice spoken as a committed Christian by the speaker.

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