Vladimir Putin

James, F. Cyril

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Reference to the Savings Campaign. The dangers of an inflationary policy to finance the war, as shown through some of the experiences that some other nations have had with these policies. The demands that are being made for an inflationary policy in Canada. Remembering the "New Era" in the United States which led to the collapse between 1929 and 1933, and the inflation imposed by the German reparation problem. A simple example of how the inflationary process might have worked in a hypothetical case. Some words from Andrew Jackson White about what happened in the French Revolution with regard to inflation. The example of Solomon and his financial legacy. Why people still want the government to adopt inflationary policies, and reasons for that. What is meant by inflation. Effects of inflationary policy in a broad sense. The question as to whether or not Canada should resort to an inflationary policy, despite the consequences in order that she may put forth her maximum effort in the struggle. An examination of various ways of financing the war, and how nations have done it in the past. Arguments against a policy of inflation. The need to take thought now and rigorously decide on the fiscal policies that we wish to follow, if we are to save ourselves from the ghastly experiences of post-war deflation comparable to those from which the world suffered after 1920. Building the foundations of a satisfactory international monetary system at the end of this war. An examination of Keynesian theory and its inapplicability to the current situation. The lack of any valid argument which would justify resort to inflation in Canada at the present time. The role which Canada is called to play in the war effort.

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