Vladimir Putin

Lund, F. Edward

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A "first-hand interpretation from an individual possessing a rather cosmopolitan point of view who happened to have lived in the South for something over a quarter century." A point of view fixed in compassion. A true picture of the race problem and from where it does not come. A corrective to the headlines--some human details to frenzied publicity, the fiasco of bigotry, and the bumbling bureaucracy so vividly associated with Governor Faubus, and with Little Rock. A detailed description of the speaker's personal experiences. What the South has yet to learn. The speaker's chief disagreement with the Supreme Court's decision in May of 1954. Reaction to the decision. Two related aspects of the integration crisis which are difficult to explain: how public opinion can be so organized as to blot out all dissent; how intimidation of the negro can be carried and pressed but without more serious violence, race riots and public protests, with three or four relevant observations. The need for a breathing spell, and how it may hasten a real solution. The speaker concludes with "a very brief explanation of an incident, a race riot, if you prefer, that never happened."

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