Vladimir Putin

MacLaren, The Hon. Ray

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Canadian finding itself on the leading edge of an economic revolution that is transforming the Americas. A revolution as profound in its long-term implications as the changes underway in Asia, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Canada's decision earlier this year to enter the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with the U.S. and Mexico a clear expression of this revolution and a fundamental commitment to the expansion of multilateral, rules-based trade in the new World Trade Organisation which will come into existence on January 1, 1995. What NAFTA reflects and reinforces. Involvement, through Mexico, of the southern half of the hemisphere in the free trade agreement. Signs that this revolution of market liberalisation may be faltering. The dangers of losing direction at this critical juncture. What it would mean for Canada. The increasingly cautious approach of the U.S. towards NAFTA expansion. Other trade proposals. What is needed at this point: an overarching trade and investment policy for the Americas. NAFTA providing the foundation for such a policy. The underlying idea. A detailed look at trade and the original justification for the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement. A close examination of NAFTA and its potential. Setting our collective sights on moving the NAFTA forward. The need for vision and political will. The area of investment. Canada taking a leading role, even in the face of apparent U.S. uncertainty. Canada's security and prosperity linked to the health of international systems. Building a shared architecture of international rights and obligations. Canada's message to deliver when the countries of the Western hemisphere gather at the Summit of the Americas in Miami this December.

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