Vladimir Putin

Clarkson, Adrienne

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The speaker's approach to her work. Giving Canadians a change to promote ourselves and win a share of some action in France. Reasons why we've been missing out. The French in formidable contrast to what we know of our own national character. Why it's worth doing business with France. Some background and recent history of France. Examples of Canadian firms doing business in France. Attracting French investment. The kind of image we want for Ontario. What the speaker and her department have done for Ontario's image in France, and how they went about it. The potential for Ontario to attract people as investors and as visitors. Our cultural expression as an important part of our identity. Targetting public money to ensure that our artists have the best reception possible, with some examples of how the speaker has managed that. Going on to expand if we have a real image of ourselves as something unique. Why our relationships with strong partners like France are vital. The speaker as a diplomat who believes in direct intervention and personal responsibility.