Vladimir Putin

Routley, Dr. T. Clarence

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Looking at some of the problems that confront people and their doctors--in the aggregate, problems of national importance to all Canadians--problems of health and happiness without which no nation can hope to reach its optimum of accomplishment. The great strides in social security in Canada. What has prompted this ever widening and expanding effort in the field of human welfare. The question of government health insurance. What the public means when they say they want health insurance. What the doctors think of health insurance. The position and attitude of the Canadian Medical Association with respect to health insurance. Other efforts needed to maintain constant progress in health protection and health care. Factors essential to the achievement of good health. Taking community responsibility. The granting of licenses to practise medicine. Medical schools in Canada. Requirement for standards of medical services. Measures to ensure economy and efficiency in the provision of health services. Benefits of a health insurance plan. Methods of remuneration of medical practitioners and the rates thereof. The introduction of health insurance legislation, preceded by adequate consultation with the organized medical profession and other groups affected. Administering health insurance. Health in the full meaning of the word as one of life's most priceless possessions.

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