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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Toronto Board of Trade. Great Britain, Canada, and some of the possibilities which arise from the relations between the two countries. Numerous attempts made by a great variety of people to explain how Great Britain achieved the important position which she has held for so many years in the industrial world. The speaker's position that what Britain is suffering from is not old age but growing pains. The rise of Great Britain to a position of industrial leadership through the invention of the steam engine by James Watt, erected in Birmingham in 1788. A discussion as to the validity of this position follows. The British and their future. Money spent upon things very praiseworthy in themselves, but not feasible in a nation which has had so many grievous losses. The real necessity for hard work. Evidence of Britain proceeding quite a way along that road. A discussion of the word "productivity" and what that means in terms of industry. Britain's determination to put things right. Canada's closeness to the old country, proximity to the United States, and what those two influencing factors mean. Canada taking a prominent part in "off-shore diplomacy," advising and guiding the old country in its relations with the U.S. and vice-versa. The speaker's personal experiences of Canada. Recalling the Reciprocity Election of 1911. Developments which have taken place in all kinds of extractive industries, enabling Canada to become an important supplier to the United States, and causing capital to flow in from there. The policy adopted by various British companies looking towards Canada for investment and expansion. Canada's role in the two World Wars. The amazing achievements of Canada and its people. Canada's spirit of adventure. How Great Britain, through scientific research, technical knowledge and fine skills, can be of assistance in the national development of Canada.

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