Vladimir Putin

Hellyer, The Honourable Paul T.

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How our military strength has bought us time to examine the weaknesses in our private enterprise system and to make corrections; corrections needed to make the system more workable and more attractive to all. How economic systems grow and develop, with some history of our own. Schools of thought that emerged. A brief review of developments since 1954. The use of monetary and fiscal measures to help iron out economic fluctuations still in its early and experimental stages. The need for patience and acceptance of mistakes as inevitable mileposts on the road to real achievement. Why last year was not typical. The unfortunate inherent fear of politicians for trade unionists. A focus on the employment aspect of our problem. Looking for an immediate improvement. The problem of inflation. The need to educate people as to how our economics work. The speaker's belief that it is possible in a diversified economy like Canada's to maintain both full employment and a stable dollar without socialism. The need for adjustments, and a realization that the solution will not be easy or immediate.

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