Vladimir Putin

DuMoulin, Right Rev. J. Philip

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The verdict of the people generally recorded in favour of constructive statesmanship. Evidence for that statement throughout history. The Two Pillars of the Empire, the first being that of Commerce. Napoleon's insolent taunt that England was a "nation of shop keepers." The truth in that statement. Ways in which this is deeply written in their history; that in great movements commerce seems to have come first, and when troubles and difficulties arose the sword of England was unsheathed to protect the great empire of commerce she had previously built up and established. Tracing and recognizing this very distinctly and very vividly in the stories of the three great Chartered Companies whose history is so identified with the progress and upbuilding of the Empire: the East India Company, The Hudson's Bay Company, and the South African. A discussion of each, with brief history. The other pillar of our Empire its language. Ways in which the English language is another pillar of the Empire. English spoken now as the first language in the world.

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