Vladimir Putin

Fleming, Donald M.

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The challenge that Canada and Canadians face. The need for a national vision if we hope to progress as a nation. The need to discern the challenge and to recognize the fact that we have been challenged by Destiny. The element of choice. The need for a sense of our Destiny as a nation, and a sense of urgency in pressing toward our objective. Canada's position in the world today: a strategic position, and a position that is expanding in importance and in influence. Some setbacks in Canada's progress toward a world position. Factors that have entered into the creation for Canada of this position: geography, the rise of the United States to a position of tremendous importance in the world; the fact that we are washed by both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans; the fact that we are also a neighbour of Russia; our contribution to the winning of the war, both in human and material terms; the intelligence and initiative of our own people; our natural resources; Canada's place within the British Commonwealth; the fall of three enemy powers which were before the war ranked as first class powers, to the level of second rate powers; Canada's international trade; our possession or participation in, the secret of atomic energy; the fact that we are a young nation. Canada's emergence as a leading middle power. Factors to consider in Canada's future: our small population; the handicaps of our geography. The need for courage. The challenge of determining who we are. What is a Canadian citizen? Some Canadian history: a look at where we came from and Confederation. The French-Canadians. Canada as a country with two official languages. The issue of immigration. Harm done by an emphasis on race for political purposes. An appeal for the work of reconciliation, beginning in Ottawa. The move towards a nation of Canadian born, with some illustrative statistics. Canada's sovereignty. Canada's relationship with the British Commonwealth. Canada's relationship to the world. Canada's part in the United Nations Organization. Being realistic in our approach to the world situation. The present dispute between Russia and Iran as a possible turning point in the future course of the development of the UNO. Some words on the recent espionage investigation in Ottawa, particularly in its relation to certain principles to which the eyes of Canadians must now be opened. Remembering that others envy our possessions. The danger of Communism in our midst. Finding better methods of dealing with spying. The need for active participation on the part of all citizens who value their rights as citizens if we expect democracy to flourish. The spiritual factor in the development of a sense of nationhood in Canada. Finding Canada's soul. The opportunity that confronts Canada today to give service to mankind. Work to be done. Canada in need of a sense of national mission. Realizing the dream through courage, goodwill and infinite patience.

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