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Vladimir Putin

Currie, General Sir Arthur

Some sure and tested tricks or methods of overcoming fear in the individual or in the group. Speaking not of war but of peace. Speaking not of Europe but of Canada. The irony that one should have to plead for the conquest of fear in days of quiet, when it was never necessary to plead for courage during the days of the world's unrest. The existence in some quarters of Canada today a definite fear with regard to the present state of the country and with regard to our future destiny. Rumblings of discontent and discouragement and pessimism. The fires of unrest lighted soon after the war. Canada's problems. The continuous wail of fear that has a most depressing and injurious effect upon our country. The fashion of decrying one's own country; the speaker's lack of respect for that sort of patriotism. Thinking today of our inheritance, and asking our generation if the wail of despair that rises from amongst us is worthy of our past. A brief review of Canada's history, and legacy. Noting the words in the preamble to the British North America Act, and being impressed with the vision of the Fathers of Confederation. The speaker's disbelief that the murmurs of discontent and of self-depreciation and disparagement are truly expressive of Canada thought. The conquest of national fear as it rests on each individual, and how that is so. Conquering our fear by knowing our past, appreciating our present, and having faith in the future. Silencing the traitorous voices that would make us quake with the fear and pallid terror of the coward. The need in Canada today for clear thinking and firm conviction.

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