Vladimir Putin

The Right Honourable The Earl of Elgin and Kincardine

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The speaker's grandfather and great grandfather and their connection with the building up of Canadian history. The duty to carry on tradition so far as one is able. Admiration for the early explorers: Champlain, Cabot, Cartier. A description of the speaker's journey to Montreal by way of the St. Lawrence. England, preparing for war. Admiring the way in which Germany has built herself up, but remaining anxious. Holding fast to the great commandment to love God and love our neighbour. The hope for an end that is fuller, freer trade between the nations, commerce and mutual help, and out of that a freer, fuller and better life for the individual and the state. Showing how the different parts of the Empire can work together. The Empire Exhibition of Glasgow. Exhibitions in Canada. Using the Exhibition of Glasgow to associate history and development to give a visible demonstration of what the Empire is and what it can do. The collection of Scottish art in the Art Pavilion. Two Palaces of Industry. The science of steel. The hall of shipping. Conferences at the Exhibition, including an international conference of engineers. The tragedy that this year we should be employed in thinking out weapons of destruction, weapons for dealing death. The necessity to defend ourselves. Listening to and comparing speeches of Herr Hitler, and those of King George, the Fifth. The farewell speech by the speaker's grandfather to Quebec. The feeling of the value, the force of heredity and how it comes back year after year, generation after generation. Canada as the example of retaining individuality and at the same time demonstrating the importance of working together and living in harmony.

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